Smart management of customers’ assets

Entrust your money to Ai Crypto Trading smart trading robots and earn up to 3.1% profit every day.

  • BTC / USD
    7294.86 -2.62%
  • ETH / USD
    146.07 -1.89%
  • LTC / USD
    44.35 -1.7%
  • DOGE / USD
    0.0022 -0.71%
  • XRP / USD
    0.2222 -2.16%
  • BCH / USD
    207.07 -1.72%
  • DASH / USD
    50.04 -4.31%

About the platformAi Crypto Trading Limited

Ai Crypto Trading are smart trading robots capable of an efficient management of investors’ assets. Our robots demonstrate a confident and impressive financial profitability rate participating in trade transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges on their own and constantly improving their algorithms.

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We developed the latest generation of trading systems with neural networks architecture and unique trading algorithms.

Jamie Coates Director General

How Ai Crypto Trading platform works


Register personal back office, choose investment terms, and open a deposit account.


Participate in trade transactions and get your daily profit

  • Technical analysis

  • News sources and thematic resources

  • Analytics of traders’ behavior and psychology

  • Other data research


Withdraw profit instantly to your personal account using popular payment systems or cryptocurrencies.

Investment offers

Investment plans with daily payments from 2.2% to 3.1% of deposit amount and instant funds withdrawal to your personal account

  • Term15 days
  • Minimum10 USD
  • Maximum1000 USD
  • Total profit133%
  • Net profit33%
  • Term25 days
  • Minimum1000 USD
  • Maximum10000 USD
  • Total profit165%
  • Net profit65%
  • Term35 days
  • Minimum5000 USD
  • Maximum50000 USD
  • Total profit208.5%
  • Net profit108.5%

Affiliate program

Do you want to earn more? Recruit your friends, acquaintances, and business colleagues and get 5% fee of their investment amount, or become an official representative of Ai Crypto Trading platform in your region and earn 10% of each raised deposit!

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5%for all
10%for representatives

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We cooperate with top exchanges

Robots trade only on large and approved international cryptocurrency exchanges.


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AdvantagesWhy investors entrust their assets management to us?

  • Professional trading algorithms with a neural network architecture

  • Continuous software update of trading systems

  • Personal consulting at any investment stage

  • High-quality capital and financial risks management